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In order to grow up to be a “21st century’s super blue chip with customers’ satisfaction” providing the best service followed by the high reliability obtained by maintaining and developing the quality system to meet the customers’ needs on quality, we have set up the goals as

1. insurance of quality and reliability of our product,
2. strengthening the competitiveness,
3. and customer’s satisfaction,

and for a perfect guarantee on the quality expected by customers, all the staffs of every department hereby promise to reply to the customers with the best quality with a constant examination and improvement on the quality system.

In order to let the electronic parts technology lead the change of product know-how, we will lead the development of technology on cutting-edge accessories, and will devote ourselves for technology development with a experimental and venturous spirit with the resolution of 'thinking faster than the speed of light'.

Based on the technology development and know-how about electronic part industry after 27 years’ experience, we pursue the best substance of existing business parts and at the same time set up a goal, to achieve which each and every staff of the company will make his/her best effort. A definite goal and vision will be set for us to change the business structure, in a distinctive style which is different from the one of major large companies in which they recklessly expand their business.